Implant Options

3D Technology

In order to provide the best dental implant solutions for every case, we embrace the latest advances in dental technology. From the initial diagnosis and treatment planning stage to the final loading of your implants with permanent new teeth, you can be assured that the very latest tried and tested technological advances will be used, enabling us to create restorations of exceptional quality and durability, similar to natural teeth in terms of both appearance and function.

The ability to take accurate 3D scans is essential to successful implant treatment. We have a CT scanner on site, which is used to assess your level of bone density and to help with planning your treatment.

3D Technology

We also use the NobelProcera 3D laser scanner at our Teddington implant centre. Developed by one of the world's leading implant manufacturers, Nobel Biocare, this scanner provides exceptional precision, coupled with easy-to-use design software and high-end production, ensuring that your dentist will create the highest-quality restorations that fit perfectly and are designed to last for life. The NobelProcera scanner can be used to create everything from a single crown to a complete set of dentures, with every restoration designed to suit your clinical situation perfectly.

This means that there is no danger of having to remake your restorations due to bad fit, both cutting down the amount of time you need to spend at the dental practice and enabling you to start enjoying life with your new teeth sooner.

All of our treatment planning is carried out using the renowned NobelClinician software to guarantee perfect results, and we have a prosthodontics laboratory - Elmfield House Dental Ceramics Ltd - on the premises, which means that we can fabricate your restorations with greater technical input.

We have an advanced MCX5 Sirona milling unit with a Cerec AC OmniCam intra-oral scanner, so that we can fabricate your crowns on the day of your implant treatment with digital impressions ( subject to implant stability) .

3D Technology3D Technology