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Harpal Chana £ Middlesex 020 8614 1995 Harpal Chana

I had my implants done nearly two years ago and was referred by my dentist at the Malo Clinic to Mr Harpal Chana.

I needed implants for a complete top set of teeth. It was obviously a scary prospect but I felt anything had to be better than the recurring abscesses, ugly lose teeth as well as the ever increasing foods that were becoming difficult or impossible to eat as well as the constant visits to the dentist.

Although I had never met Harpal Chana before my first visit, my dentist had already assured me that he was very experienced in his field. He clearly explained what needed to be done and he was always very positive and reassuring.

I felt no pain during or after the treatment. I no longer experience any of the previous problems with my teeth that I used to.

Now I am able to eat things that I have not been able to eat in years and I can smile with pride when people comment on how lovely my teeth look and they don't even know that they are not my natural ones!