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After an odyssey, which had taken me from Wimbledon to France and back to the UK, I found myself in the hands of Harpal Chana at St George's Hospital, Tooting. And thus ended a tale of woe - inflicted on me by careless and insufficiently skilled practitioners of dental surgery and implantology. I have since followed Mr. Chana to his own practice, first at Esher and then at Elmfield House in Teddington.

Over the past ten years Mr. Chana has restored and looked after my teeth, enabling me not only to again indulge in the pleasures of the dining table, but also to confidently respond with a smile - and not a hapless grimace - when greeted by a gentle soul. The visual impact of good (or bad) teeth should never be underestimated! I have so far also been treated very capably by both other dentists and hygienists at Elmfield House. Having had ample occasion to talk to and watch the ladies at reception, I am happy to say that they are unfailingly polite, obliging and, no matter how busy, always ready to listen to or reassure patients.

As to the relatively new science of dental implantology, I must add that I was first and with disastrous consequences introduced to this at the - albeit famous - Hôpital Saint Antoine in Paris. What followed was the most dreadful night of my life, and afterwards weeks of intense pain. Mr. Chana has since replaced nine of my teeth with implants - with excellent results, as described above. Implant surgery is not, however, the sort of "easy fix" as which it is being sold in certain adverts nationwide. This is why I am glad I eventually listened to a personal recommendation, which is how I met Harpal Chana.

Harpal Chana £ Middlesex 020 8614 1995 Harpal Chana

My patients and I are extremely impressed with the level of service and care provided by Harpal at Elmfield House Dental Practice! In cases that require complex treatment, I am really thrilled that I can bring my patients to be treated jointly with Harpal as the outcomes have been performed to an excellent standard. I have no hesitation in referring further patients to Harpal and his wonderful team!

Harpal Chana £ Middlesex 020 8614 1995 Harpal Chana

I had my implants done nearly two years ago and was referred by my dentist at the Malo Clinic to Mr Harpal Chana.

I needed implants for a complete top set of teeth. It was obviously a scary prospect but I felt anything had to be better than the recurring abscesses, ugly lose teeth as well as the ever increasing foods that were becoming difficult or impossible to eat as well as the constant visits to the dentist.

Although I had never met Harpal Chana before my first visit, my dentist had already assured me that he was very experienced in his field. He clearly explained what needed to be done and he was always very positive and reassuring.

I felt no pain during or after the treatment. I no longer experience any of the previous problems with my teeth that I used to.

Now I am able to eat things that I have not been able to eat in years and I can smile with pride when people comment on how lovely my teeth look and they don't even know that they are not my natural ones!